Tucker is a very sweet little boy who was attacked by a dog leaving him with a paralyzed backend. With time and proper medical care, Tucker is now able to run around like a wild man with very little mobility problems! He still has a ways to go in his recovery but for now he is improving everyday! 



This little girl came in with pneumonia and mange. After spending a week at Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care, I am happy to report she is doing so much better and is making friends with other piggies



Friday was found on the streets by a good samaritan in very bad condition. She was immediately brought into Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care and is currently being hospitalized for severe upper respiratory illness. She will need to be hospitalized for several days. If you would like to donate to Fridays medical fund please click the link below.




Popcorn is the cutest genetic mess we've ever met. She was dropped off at the shelter for having 'an injured leg' but that was only the beginning. After a complete medical work-up, little Popcorn was found to have many congenital abnormalities. Her most pressing issue is a hole in her heart that will be fixed very soon using interventional radiology. Next she has underdeveloped back legs and some nerve deficits to her back end. Once she grows into her body a little then the orthopedist can figure out how to give Popcorn the best mobility possible. In the meantime we are saving our pennies for all of Popcorn's surgeries and addressing her medical needs as best we can. If you can spare a Starbucks run and donate a little towards surgery, we'd all be very grateful. Stay tuned for updates!

Mama Cat

This beautiful mom cat was found on the streets with her five adorable babies. All the babies had an upper respiratory infection that required immediate medical attention and thats where our amazing vet stepped in! She generously agreed to take on these cuties! They currently are at Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care where they are receiving nebulization, medications, and eye drops several times a day. 



We can't get enough of sweet, rambunctious Oliver! This very talkative young man was pulled from Ventura County Animal services after it was presumed he was hit by a car requiring immediate surgery to amputate one of his legs. He will require another surgery to possibly amputate his tail and close up some wounds. 


This young Iguana was surrendered along with many other exotic reptiles to Ventura County Animal Services. Staff there found that he was not very friendly, had not been handled much, and he had a very bad tail injury. A good part of his tail is missing and we are still struggling with a tail infection. Fortunately  it is just the tip that is having a hard time healing and with tim, handling,  and medications he is getting slightly more friendly. We dont know what the future looks like for this guy. Once he is healed he will need to go to someone who is experienced in taking care of these big guys as they can get upwards to 5ft in lengthen and require a tropical environment. For now he is being care for at the vet clinic and will be staying with us until he is fully healed.



Snowflake is a one-year-old, energetic boy who has spent his entire life outside. Although loved by a family, he grew up outdoors, and unfortunately, like so many outdoor kitties, he was hit by a car. Due to his injuries, he was required to have a surgical procedure called a Femoral Head Ostectomy. The family was unable to keep him indoor for his recovery, so it was decided that it was in his best interest to have him signed over to the rescue where he will get the proper medical care and recover in a nice warm foster home.