Selma & Blair

These sweet little ladies came to us after being found in the desert. They both had very severe eye infections that had gone untreated. Selma (smaller of the kittens) has abscesses behind both her eyes and is unfortunately needing surgery. Blair's eye infections are responding to medication but she appears to have a condition called microopthalmia (small underdeveloped eyes). It's uncertain at this time whether she'll be able to see and/or need eye surgery.

Selma is currently very sick and we're worried she's not going to survive surgery but we have no other options in order to help fix her.

Blair has been lonely without her best friend Selma (who is currently snoozing on IV pain meds and antibiotics) so we matched Blair with two other medical kittens we have. Chris and Pratt. Chris has microopthalmia in his right eye. Pratt has a deformed right arm but is still able to get around comfortably. These three have become quite the trio and love to cuddle and play together. 

UPDATE: unfortunately Selma did not survive. Her 

body was so weak that the pre-anesthetic medication

took her away. Safe travels sweet angel.